What is the Technology Trends Next Year? This is the prediction

What is the Technology Trends Next Year? This is the prediction

Redboxdigital.id Jan 17, 2019 Digital

In 2018 a number of innovations in the digital world have given a sign to new trends and will continue in 2019. The question is, will this trend change the technology industry?

Some research on technology estimates that 2019 will not experience significant changes compared to 2018. The difference is, in 2019 the role of digitalization will be faster, so that there will be more disruptions in the old area of work and the lifestyle of many people.

Currently there may be many industry players who talk about innovative technologies such as analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc. without giving a clear picture of how this powerful new innovation will be used. However, all of that is predicted to become a reality in 2019. The application of technology will become deeper and develop steadily. And in the end, only innovative companies will develop.

Quoted from Dimension Data, the following are some things that will occur in 2019 and are predicted to have a major influence on the world of technology and industry in Indonesia;

1. Robot automation process.
The growth of technology and information that occurs in robotic automation processes such as machine learning, AI, and networking will provide opportunities for companies to combine scenarios, improve understanding, predict and make real-time decisions about customer needs and behavior.

2. Focus on cloud-based cyber security platforms.
A cloud-based security system built with an open API, this means that the security team can integrate new technology into the platform quickly and relatively easily. This of course will provide benefits to the client in order to be able to follow and overcome various threats of crime and violations that are growing rapidly.

3. Infrastructure can be programmed with an end-to-end model.
Companies will start using multiple cloud platforms and increase the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). End-to-end programming capability means that business people and industry will be able to quickly adapt to the movement of the business world and facilitate processing of applications and their data.

4. The application will be smarter and can be adjusted.
To improve service, various applications will use input from users to be able to make changes to functions and improve user experience on services. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will play an important role in helping employees work more productively.

5. Value of data is the source of everything.
In the future, data will be a major factor in actual digital transformation and a source of new revenue streams that will surpass traditional income streams. This of course will cause changes in the information structure, where the more data you have, the easier it will be to encourage investment.

In the end, 2019 all eyes will see digital transformation come true