The New Idea For Digital Technology

The New Idea For Digital Technology Jan 20, 2019 Digital

In the last 2 years, transactions with the "mobile payment" system are increasingly popular in Indonesian society. Simply using a smartphone, all the needs can be fulfilled. This is of course an answer to the challenges of today's transactions that are required to be fast, practical and safe. In fact, many economic and financial practitioners predict that in 2030 buying and selling transactions and payments can be made with "mobile payment" and it is not impossible that cash is no longer used for the primary payment method.

With the growing popularity of "mobile payment", of course this payment system has many advantages. What are they?

Today's modern society no longer needs to bring a lot of cash while traveling, so there is no need to be afraid of what is called pickpocketing or robbery on the road.

Practical and efficient,
In the past, if we buy goods at the store, we have to use cash where we have to take out our wallets, count sheet by sheet of money and receive change in the form of change. Not infrequently the change in coins was scattered and lost. By using "mobile payment" you will not find it again. Payments simply use a scan or tap, complete. And you also won't find change.

If this one has no doubt. Almost all payment applications via mobile always provide promos every day as an attraction so people want to use it. For example: buy one portion of food at the mall for only Rp 4,000, take an online taxi for only Rp 1,-, buy a cinema ticket for 1 get free 1 and many examples. And when viewed from the way the "mobile payment" business works and business competition exists, promos will still be a mainstay for the "mobile payment" provider company.

Government support,
One of the things that makes public trust in "mobile payment" increasingly is the support of the government. Since echoing the activities of "non-cash transactions", the government also has the role of increasing and tightening the supervision of banking transactions by cooperating with relevant agencies such as the Financial Services Authority, National Police, Ministry of Finance and other institutions. This of course gives more security to the community.

The shift in the way people transact will certainly be in line with the changing habits and mindset of the community itself. If in the past the wallet is the most valuable object, now it turns out to be the smartphone that is the object most loved by its owner. Like words, now people have the term "our fate is on a smartphone, without a smartphone we die".

The question is, if our smartphone is dead, damaged or lost? Do we die too? Yes, that is the weakness of this "mobile payment" system, without smartphones we cannot transact. Therefore, it is recommended to always carry a Powerbank so that the smartphone can still be used. It's good we also prepare a little cash as an emergency fund.

If the smartphone is damaged or lost, you also need not worry, currently smartphone technology is very sophisticated, and has been equipped with various security features, ranging from lock screens, fingerprints, to OTP verification codes, email verification, and others. So, from now on, you should start using the security features that are on the smartphone. Also protect your data with a high security system.  

Technology will surely develop, if we can't follow it, it will definitely be left behind. How about you?