Prediction of Digital Marketing Development in 2019

Prediction of Digital Marketing Development in 2019 Jan 17, 2019 Digital

The high public consumption of digital content and social media in recent years has greatly influenced against the development of the business world, especially digital marketing. We can see this with more and more business people who dare to invest high just to make promotions using digital media. They are competing to provide digital content that is increasingly here more diverse and creative, and this is of course very interesting for the community.

However, in its development, nowadays there are actually a lot of digital marketing content that people don't like. Even in a survey conducted by several institutions, it turns out that people are getting bored with the current digital marketing content. The reasons are also diverse, ranging from content that is too "hard selling", to the content that starts monotonously.

Seeing this fact, of course the digital "marketers" must have prepared a new plan so that their business still exists in the digital era. Well, here are some predictions about the development of digital marketing in 2019 which are summarized from various sources;

1. Facebook is Still the Main Media

Data violations of 14 million users that occurred in 2018 did make a scene, but who would have thought, to this day Facebook still ranks highest as a social media platform used by the public. The many features to the details of the demographics that are owned, make Facebook the most effective social media platform for promotion. So, chances are there are still many "marketers" who use Facebook in 2019

2. Instagram is being used more and more

The use of Instagram as media marketing has been felt for the past 3 years. This can be seen from the increasing number of celebrities, endorsers and so on. Admittedly, social media that prioritizes sharing photos and videos is indeed experiencing a huge surge of users. And in 2019, it is predicted that there will be more users. This fact can of course be used by many businesses to market their products.

3. Use of Chatbot Will Increase

Chatbots are a special form of software that acts as a virtual "concierge", communicating with users and assisting them in completing their goals. The high interaction between a business and consumers and the limited human resources possessed of course makes many digital platforms that use chatbots as a means of communication. The effectiveness of chatbots in 2018 has shown a significant increase in usage, and that usage will likely continue to grow for digital marketing in 2019.

4. Video is the most interesting content for consumers

The increase in the number of YouTube users in the last 5 years and offset by the many YouTubers who present entertaining content makes YouTube the most popular media sharing video platform in the world today. Not only YouTube, Facebook social media and Instagram, which initially did not have a video platform, they are also continuing to develop their video features. No doubt, nowadays there are already many people who make video content on social media as a substitute for television. The ease and flexibility of access time is one of the advantages. People no longer need to wait for hours to be able to enjoy the content they want to watch. In fact, if the content is considered important, they will very voluntarily save it and share it with others. This phenomenon is very possible for a business to become more massive in 2019 in the use of video content as a media campaign.

5. Live video

Live streaming, as it's called, has a huge impact on digital marketing when combined with the presence of influencers. As if dissatisfied with just ordinary video content, people now increasingly need direct interaction with influencers, be they celebrities, athletes, politicians, musicians or other public figures. Direct interaction between influencers and followers directly is a big attraction for the audience. This interaction is very possible to be used as a means to promote.

6. Quality of Content

If we look at the content that exists today, many are starting to put aside quality. Originally excited and interesting, many creators ignore the quality of the content itself. If this matter is continually ignored, it can reduce the brand image and sales value of a brand. So, it would be very wise if the quality of the content remains to be considered.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is not new, but for "marketers", email marketing is considered the most effective way of promotion to replace the "door to door" system. The presence of "email blast" tools that are becoming widely available will also greatly help the efficiency of "marketers" to distribute their promotional messages.

Those are some predictions about the world of digital marketing that occurred in 2019. If you are a marketer, start preparing a strategy. But if you are a consumer, then be prepared to send "attacks" of digital content that is increasingly creative and massive.